Tips for Picking an Architect for Your Custom Home


Picking an architect to design your custom home is no small task. You may have a vision in your head that you need help translating into blueprints. Or perhaps you have a general style or goal in mind and you need a talented designer who can expand upon your ideas to create something incredible. Whatever the case, picking an architect is a vital element of the home building process and it’s precisely what we’ll explore in today’s article from Wytek Construction.

Picking an Architect Based Upon Style

Each architect has a unique style and aesthetic. Do not expect your architect to change their style; it’s better to seek out a different architect who can better accommodate your needs. In short, hire the best person for the job.
Like all creative niches, architecture is a very subjective field, so you cannot go into your architect search expecting to find a one-size-fits-all solution. Take the time to find the right architect who creates designs that you like; designs that are similar to the vision that you have for your own custom home. This will increase your chances of being happy with the finished result.
Also, take the time to visit some properties that the architect has designed. Photos and videos can only go so far. It’s best to see at least a couple properties in person to get a good feel for their capabilities and style.

Picking an Architect Based Upon Niche

Each architect has a unique specialty. Not every home architect is adept at creating sustainable, eco-friendly and energy-efficient home designs.
In fact, many elements of a home’s energy efficiency are integrated into the actual design. For instance, the height of the ceilings and the layout of the home can have a significant impact on air flow, which has a tremendous effect on the home’s ability to maintain warm temperatures in the winter months and cooler temperatures in the summer months.
So it’s vital that you choose an architect that is familiar with the style of home you’re seeking in terms of not just its form, but also its function.

Considering Recommendations When Choosing an Architect

Reputation matters! If your architect is not adept at capturing the client’s vision, then this can be extremely problematic. The whole reason you hire an architect is to create a custom home that embodies your unique vision. If the architect just doesn’t deliver in this regard, then you might just as well opt for a pre-made home design.
It’s important that you ask your architect for references and take time to actually contact those references to see what they have to say about their experience working with the firm. Did the home’s design meet their expectations? Did they have an easy time working with the architect? The the architectural design firm accommodate their unique preferences and ideas? These are all key questions that you should ask.
If your architect is hesitant to provide recommendations, then this is a major red flag.

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