How to Avoid Regrets When Building a Custom Home

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Regrets When Building a Custom Home: Size

Bigger isn’t always better and this is especially true when it comes to your home. A house that’s too large may appear impersonal and cold, especially if you don’t have enough furniture to fill the place!
You’ll also end up with higher property taxes and higher utilities — expenses that would be much lower if you’d built a more suitable home.
Never build big just for the sake of building big. Each and every room should have a use and it should be put into use within the near future (i.e. within the next 3-6 months.) It’s generally best to avoid building big with an intention of using an area of your home 5 or 10 years down the road. A lot can change in 5 or 10 years, so in many cases, homeowners find that they build big only to find that they never actually use the space.
If you’re not going to use the space now, then it’s usually best to design the home so you can easily add an addition when you need it.
If you’re aiming for the appearance of a spacious home, discuss this with your architect. A talented custom home designer can create the illusion of spaciousness with some special design strategies.

Regrets When Building a Custom Home: Too Few Bathrooms

Building a home with too few bathrooms can be inconvenient and it makes the home more difficult to sell. Generally, you should have at least one bathroom per person.
You also need to consider the location of your bathrooms. You want to ensure there are bathrooms located in central, common areas of the home. Many home builders attach the bathrooms to a bedroom, so you want to ensure that at least one bathroom is accessible to the common areas of the house. Nobody wants to have guests traipsing through their private space to go to the loo!

Regrets When Building a Custom Home: Insufficient Storage

Most clients focus on living space, forgetting about storage space! Sufficient storage space is essential. Without it, you’ll be continually inconvenienced and you’ll be forced to stow items out in the open, which makes for a rather unsightly appearance. Or, you’ll be faced with renting a storage unit — that’s a big hassle!
So remember to include lots of storage area in your home design — more than you think you’ll ever need! Most homeowners vastly underestimate the amount of storage they need.
A talented architect can make use of many otherwise-unused spaces, converting these areas into storage space. Make it clear to your custom home architect that you’re seeking to maximize your storage space.

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